Saturday, March 03, 2012

Friday Night

Good night everyone!
I have some new drawings for you, feel free to leave a comment.
Chicos! Tengo nuevos dibujos para que veáis, por favor comentad, os lo agradeceré.

This is baby Vasilisa Aleksandra Violeta. I really like children, and I was thinking about my future kids and started drawing little Vasilisa. 
Esta es Vasilisa Aleksandra Violeta. Me gustan mucho los niños, en especial los bebés, y me he obsesionado hace poco con dibujar personas de todas las edades, así que pensando en mis futuros hijos empecé  a dibujar a la pequeña Vasilisa.

This is Vasilisa Suspiria Illuminata Aneira. Yeah, I know I used the name "Vasilisa" twice, I like it. It's russian and it sounds kind of weird, but beautiful at the same time. I thought "Suspiria" was a curious name, it comes from Latin and it's meaning is related to the word "sigh". "Illuminata" means illuminated and I think it sounds pretty in Latin. "Aneira" means sin, and although the meaning is bad, I love that name. I started drawing Vasilisa on Valentine's Day, which is why she's carrying a love letter with her.
Esta es Vasilisa Suspiria Illuminata Aneira. La comencé a dibujar en San Valentín, por eso lleva con ella una carta de amor. Su primer nombre, que ya lo he utilizado antes, es ruso, y me encanta. "Suspiria" está relacionado con suspiro, lo cual me gustó, pensé que al leer una chica la carta de su amor, suspiraría. "Illuminata" simplemente me gusta como suena. "Aneira" significa "pecado" , pero aun así creo que es un nombre precioso.

This is Ailythia Pyrena Cairisthne Clementia Innominata. I love the name "Innominata", but I never give it as a first name because it means "unnamed".
Me encanta el nombre de "Innominata", aunque no lo uso demasiado, ya que significa "sin nombre".

This is Chalice Delora Perdita Ashrai. Her four names are obviously goth, I'm really into vamp and goth names, they're so cool and mysterious. Anyway, "Chalice" just sounded right for her, that's why I chose it. "Delora" comes from the word "dolores", which means "pain". "Perdita" means lost in Latin. I don't know what "Ashrai" means, but it sounds pretty. What I like best in this drawing is the patterned sleeve and her eyes.
Esta es Chalice Delora Perdita Ashrai. "Chalice" significa "cáliz", y pienso que le pega el  nombre. Lo que mas me gusta de ella son sus ojos y la manga con dibujos.

This is Elora Teal Glimmer Annir. She's just a young girl, dressed in a teal-colored dress, ready to go out and party.
Esta es Elora Teal Glimmer Annir. Es una chica joven vestida de un azul medio, tirando un poco a verde.

These are Honor Cassandra-Rose Robin Crimson Suspiria and her baby, Dustin Rumor Dusk Rush. We can't know if little Dustin is a boy or a girl, since it's four names are unisex names. 
Esta es Honor Cassandra-Rose Robin Crimson Suspiria y su bebé, Dustin Rumor Dusk Rush. No se sabe si el bebé es niño o niña, ya que sus cuatro nombres son unisex. Tampoco quiero saberlo, el misterio es intrigante. XD

And last, but not least, Secret Desire Haven Compassion. Okay, I know, her name isn't suitable for a girl, but she's just a drawing. I was reading a name list the other day and saw "Secret" right above "Desire", so I thought <I should name a drawing like that>. So I chose the name first and then drew something that would match it. The result is a sexy girl.
Por último, Secret Desire Haven Compassion. Sus nombres significan "secreto", "deseo", "refugio" y "compasión" respectivamente.

Well, that's all for today, hope you enjoyed it. I'll post again soon.
Otro día escribiré más, ya es hora de irse.
All my love,