Thursday, April 03, 2014

Scene: The party

Hello dear readers,

I haven't been posting because I've been busy and uninspired. I finally went trough an experience that inspired me to write this, and I've been thinking of writing a story of a girl that falls in love with one of her best friends. And no, that did NOT happen to me. Although one of my girl friends did fall in love with me once. I did go to the party I'm going to talk about in this scene though. 

" There was a party that night. I had decided to go weeks ago with a couple of friends. I started getting ready hours before, although I wasn't even going to dress up in fancy clothes, just black jeans, a goth shirt and high navy boots. Very goth. My friends weren't dressing up either, so I didn't want to stand out too much.

We met quite late and left for the party. There were some contests and games there, and free alcohol. So we played. And got drunk, very drunk. At first, I started to feel kind of dizzy, I wasn't very sure of what was going on, I was missing out parts of the conversation, I couldn't concentrate. But then we started to dance and I felt much better. Our guy friend suddenly disappeared for a while, he was talking to other people, so my girl friend and I mixed with the crowd and kept dancing. She grabbed my waist and wouldn't let go. I, in turn, held her closer to me. We went on dancing, our skin touching, her head resting just above my breast.

After a while, she started to pale and left for a while, so I returned to our other friend. Much later we all got together again, our girl friend didn't feel well at all. We took care of her, and when she was starting to feel better the guy went home and she and I stayed at the party.
I led her into the crowd and she started to get excited, but I wasn't feeling so good. I had seen a very mean boy who had treated me badly before, and that upset me. That, and all the alcohol, probably.
It's not something I like to admit, but being bitten in the neck erases all emotion, all problems, all thoughts in me. Although if it's not hard enough, instead of making me forget everything, it makes me feel more... animal-like. And, she offered to bite me. I couldn't say no to that, I like being bitten, I was completely intoxicated with sweet absinth. In addition to that, I liked her. A lot. So there was no way I would have said no to a bite from her. She pulled me to a discrete corner and started bitting me as I pressed my body against her. Then I kissed her cheek gently and bit her softly. She kept bitting me and hugging me. If we had been alone, I don't know what would I have done. Probably pulled her to the floor, and after that... well, you know.

We left the corner for a while and talked to some friends that were nearby, and danced some more. But I couldn't stand being so close to her and not touch her. So I asked her to bite me again. She took me to the corner so my friends and our classmates wouldn't see us.

After her second bite, I whispered in her ear if she'd let me try something, and since she said yes, I slid my lips towards hers and kissed her. It was weird at first. Kind of like a first kiss, clumsy, unsynchronized. But then our lips started moving together, kissing, bitting, every movement slow and sweet. I pushed her hair out of her face with one hand, pressing her against me with my other arm wrapped around her. She was holding me too, pulling me against her. The kiss became more intense, our animal instinct surfacing, her hot touch on my skin driving me wild. 

The lights went on, it was about 6 A.M., and the party was over. We left, and went home, only one last kiss to say goodbye.
And this is how it all started. "

What do you think? Did you like it? If so, please comment.I know my English is not perfect, but at least I've tried!
Thanks for reading! I'll try to update more often. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012


My dear readers,
I have been a bit busy lately, I got back from my vacation in August, but I had better things to do than write or draw or stay inside. I also started school recently, so I've had lots to do and not enough time to write. I have made some drawings, special ones. First I chose the name of a virtue (f.e. "Chastity") , and then I drew the girl to fit her name.

 Agony. She's a young girl, kneeling in  front of a rose, crying in pain for the loss of a loved one. Her body is full of gashes, her dress, of blood. She's wearing a locket with the image of a rose around her neck, her hair drops behind her in a cascade of tangled curls.

 Chastity. She is a pure and chaste, as her name indicates. She covers her body and face, remaining this way untouched by anyone. She holds a rosary in her hand. 

 Conception. She's a young woman with a very little baby, just some months old. She's pregnant, and at her side there's a toddler, a girl, with a rattle. Conception looks calm and loving while being with her children. 

 Intelligence. She's dressed with a Greek toga and wearing a gold circlet with a stone around her head. She carries scrolls from the library of Alejandría. She represents ancient knowledge and, as her name says, intelligence.
Lament. She is a simple girl, crying, dressed in a medieval dress, hair loose blowing in a slight breeze. 
Seduction. Last, but not least, this tempting girl, who covers her body with a long asymmetric dress that shows one of her hips and the beaded string of her underwear. She wears a long cloth around her and over one shoulder, sari-style. The other shoulder is covered by a see-through sleeve. 

These are all my drawings for now, but I will post more soon. 
Lots of love,

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Friday Night

Good night everyone!
I have some new drawings for you, feel free to leave a comment.
Chicos! Tengo nuevos dibujos para que veáis, por favor comentad, os lo agradeceré.

This is baby Vasilisa Aleksandra Violeta. I really like children, and I was thinking about my future kids and started drawing little Vasilisa. 
Esta es Vasilisa Aleksandra Violeta. Me gustan mucho los niños, en especial los bebés, y me he obsesionado hace poco con dibujar personas de todas las edades, así que pensando en mis futuros hijos empecé  a dibujar a la pequeña Vasilisa.

This is Vasilisa Suspiria Illuminata Aneira. Yeah, I know I used the name "Vasilisa" twice, I like it. It's russian and it sounds kind of weird, but beautiful at the same time. I thought "Suspiria" was a curious name, it comes from Latin and it's meaning is related to the word "sigh". "Illuminata" means illuminated and I think it sounds pretty in Latin. "Aneira" means sin, and although the meaning is bad, I love that name. I started drawing Vasilisa on Valentine's Day, which is why she's carrying a love letter with her.
Esta es Vasilisa Suspiria Illuminata Aneira. La comencé a dibujar en San Valentín, por eso lleva con ella una carta de amor. Su primer nombre, que ya lo he utilizado antes, es ruso, y me encanta. "Suspiria" está relacionado con suspiro, lo cual me gustó, pensé que al leer una chica la carta de su amor, suspiraría. "Illuminata" simplemente me gusta como suena. "Aneira" significa "pecado" , pero aun así creo que es un nombre precioso.

This is Ailythia Pyrena Cairisthne Clementia Innominata. I love the name "Innominata", but I never give it as a first name because it means "unnamed".
Me encanta el nombre de "Innominata", aunque no lo uso demasiado, ya que significa "sin nombre".

This is Chalice Delora Perdita Ashrai. Her four names are obviously goth, I'm really into vamp and goth names, they're so cool and mysterious. Anyway, "Chalice" just sounded right for her, that's why I chose it. "Delora" comes from the word "dolores", which means "pain". "Perdita" means lost in Latin. I don't know what "Ashrai" means, but it sounds pretty. What I like best in this drawing is the patterned sleeve and her eyes.
Esta es Chalice Delora Perdita Ashrai. "Chalice" significa "cáliz", y pienso que le pega el  nombre. Lo que mas me gusta de ella son sus ojos y la manga con dibujos.

This is Elora Teal Glimmer Annir. She's just a young girl, dressed in a teal-colored dress, ready to go out and party.
Esta es Elora Teal Glimmer Annir. Es una chica joven vestida de un azul medio, tirando un poco a verde.

These are Honor Cassandra-Rose Robin Crimson Suspiria and her baby, Dustin Rumor Dusk Rush. We can't know if little Dustin is a boy or a girl, since it's four names are unisex names. 
Esta es Honor Cassandra-Rose Robin Crimson Suspiria y su bebé, Dustin Rumor Dusk Rush. No se sabe si el bebé es niño o niña, ya que sus cuatro nombres son unisex. Tampoco quiero saberlo, el misterio es intrigante. XD

And last, but not least, Secret Desire Haven Compassion. Okay, I know, her name isn't suitable for a girl, but she's just a drawing. I was reading a name list the other day and saw "Secret" right above "Desire", so I thought <I should name a drawing like that>. So I chose the name first and then drew something that would match it. The result is a sexy girl.
Por último, Secret Desire Haven Compassion. Sus nombres significan "secreto", "deseo", "refugio" y "compasión" respectivamente.

Well, that's all for today, hope you enjoyed it. I'll post again soon.
Otro día escribiré más, ya es hora de irse.
All my love,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hola a todos

Como habréis podido leer en mi último post, necesito ayuda para elegir a un personaje (Nombre y representación gráfica) y he subido varios dibujos para que veáis. Una de estas chicas tiene que ser la madre de la protagonista de mi historia, Anniselle. Agradeceré enormemente vuestra colaboración y os mencionare en un post a aquellos que me ayudéis. Por favor, elegid vuestros dibujos preferidos y poned el nombre o el numero de cada uno de ellos en un comentario para que lo pueda leer. Gracias por vuestra ayuda.
Muchos besos,

Story time

Hello everyone!
I have new drawings for you to see, and I also need some help with a story I'm writing on  Here are some of my new drawings, I hope you like them:

This is Anniselle Elizabeth Aelfgyva, main character of "Anniselle's story".

I've been looking through my drawings for someone that could be Anniselle's mother, a drawing from when she was younger.  I have selected several ones and I'd be thankful if you could help me. The selected one will be Mrs. Van der Wal, Anniselle's mother.

1.This is the first one, Abadie Annika Haze Elicia, a girl I drew several years ago.

2.This is Alexandria Aelfgyva Andrómeda Nefera.

These are:
3.Anaël Tatiana Irina Ella
4.Anya Cleopatra Libelle Luvbi

5.This is Anaël Svetlina Elsemieke.

6.Analyss Dhalia


8.Armena Rose-Elisse


10.Celestina Esmeralda

11.Dietlinde Dustine


13.Elisabetta Ann-Rose

14.Emme Suzinne Erialeth

15.Esmerille Nixie Destiny






21.Iskra Aleksa


23.Libelle Annwn Luvbi


25.Lucille Naoki Nokomi Lilith Ynna

26.Lumina Haze Annelisse Juliet Ann-Rose Alice Lilly

27.Lynn Luvbi






33.Schmetterling Abadie

34.Scmetterling Annasophia Elissabeth

35.Severn Kumiko



38.Titania Emie Anaël Seira

39.Vannilsa Ziell

Please pick your favourites and submit in a comment. Thank you all.