Thursday, April 03, 2014

Scene: The party

Hello dear readers,

I haven't been posting because I've been busy and uninspired. I finally went trough an experience that inspired me to write this, and I've been thinking of writing a story of a girl that falls in love with one of her best friends. And no, that did NOT happen to me. Although one of my girl friends did fall in love with me once. I did go to the party I'm going to talk about in this scene though. 

" There was a party that night. I had decided to go weeks ago with a couple of friends. I started getting ready hours before, although I wasn't even going to dress up in fancy clothes, just black jeans, a goth shirt and high navy boots. Very goth. My friends weren't dressing up either, so I didn't want to stand out too much.

We met quite late and left for the party. There were some contests and games there, and free alcohol. So we played. And got drunk, very drunk. At first, I started to feel kind of dizzy, I wasn't very sure of what was going on, I was missing out parts of the conversation, I couldn't concentrate. But then we started to dance and I felt much better. Our guy friend suddenly disappeared for a while, he was talking to other people, so my girl friend and I mixed with the crowd and kept dancing. She grabbed my waist and wouldn't let go. I, in turn, held her closer to me. We went on dancing, our skin touching, her head resting just above my breast.

After a while, she started to pale and left for a while, so I returned to our other friend. Much later we all got together again, our girl friend didn't feel well at all. We took care of her, and when she was starting to feel better the guy went home and she and I stayed at the party.
I led her into the crowd and she started to get excited, but I wasn't feeling so good. I had seen a very mean boy who had treated me badly before, and that upset me. That, and all the alcohol, probably.
It's not something I like to admit, but being bitten in the neck erases all emotion, all problems, all thoughts in me. Although if it's not hard enough, instead of making me forget everything, it makes me feel more... animal-like. And, she offered to bite me. I couldn't say no to that, I like being bitten, I was completely intoxicated with sweet absinth. In addition to that, I liked her. A lot. So there was no way I would have said no to a bite from her. She pulled me to a discrete corner and started bitting me as I pressed my body against her. Then I kissed her cheek gently and bit her softly. She kept bitting me and hugging me. If we had been alone, I don't know what would I have done. Probably pulled her to the floor, and after that... well, you know.

We left the corner for a while and talked to some friends that were nearby, and danced some more. But I couldn't stand being so close to her and not touch her. So I asked her to bite me again. She took me to the corner so my friends and our classmates wouldn't see us.

After her second bite, I whispered in her ear if she'd let me try something, and since she said yes, I slid my lips towards hers and kissed her. It was weird at first. Kind of like a first kiss, clumsy, unsynchronized. But then our lips started moving together, kissing, bitting, every movement slow and sweet. I pushed her hair out of her face with one hand, pressing her against me with my other arm wrapped around her. She was holding me too, pulling me against her. The kiss became more intense, our animal instinct surfacing, her hot touch on my skin driving me wild. 

The lights went on, it was about 6 A.M., and the party was over. We left, and went home, only one last kiss to say goodbye.
And this is how it all started. "

What do you think? Did you like it? If so, please comment.I know my English is not perfect, but at least I've tried!
Thanks for reading! I'll try to update more often. 

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