Saturday, September 29, 2012


My dear readers,
I have been a bit busy lately, I got back from my vacation in August, but I had better things to do than write or draw or stay inside. I also started school recently, so I've had lots to do and not enough time to write. I have made some drawings, special ones. First I chose the name of a virtue (f.e. "Chastity") , and then I drew the girl to fit her name.

 Agony. She's a young girl, kneeling in  front of a rose, crying in pain for the loss of a loved one. Her body is full of gashes, her dress, of blood. She's wearing a locket with the image of a rose around her neck, her hair drops behind her in a cascade of tangled curls.

 Chastity. She is a pure and chaste, as her name indicates. She covers her body and face, remaining this way untouched by anyone. She holds a rosary in her hand. 

 Conception. She's a young woman with a very little baby, just some months old. She's pregnant, and at her side there's a toddler, a girl, with a rattle. Conception looks calm and loving while being with her children. 

 Intelligence. She's dressed with a Greek toga and wearing a gold circlet with a stone around her head. She carries scrolls from the library of Alejandría. She represents ancient knowledge and, as her name says, intelligence.
Lament. She is a simple girl, crying, dressed in a medieval dress, hair loose blowing in a slight breeze. 
Seduction. Last, but not least, this tempting girl, who covers her body with a long asymmetric dress that shows one of her hips and the beaded string of her underwear. She wears a long cloth around her and over one shoulder, sari-style. The other shoulder is covered by a see-through sleeve. 

These are all my drawings for now, but I will post more soon. 
Lots of love,


  1. I came to see your drawings because I was enjoying your stories on Keep drawing!! I am enjoying all of them!!